Radio Shack EC-220

This is a Rockwell 8R repackaged for the American chain store chain 'Radio Shack', owned by Tandy. Unlike the more staid House of Fraser or Sears and Roebuck variants, this calculator shouts 1970's design at you, with bold, even brash, colours. These calculators were only ever built in Mexico, with just a brief overlap with Sumlock Anita's existence. So why, I hear you ask, is it in the collection? Well firstly it is an equivalent of a model that was built in Portsmouth (the 8R), and secondly because I like it! The internal B5000CB I.C. is labelled 7549 (week 49, 1975).

The manual for the equivalent 8R calculator has been uploaded to the manuals page. Try it out---it works!

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Last updated 26th June 2005.

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